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Perforated Page

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Our latest print innovation is the perforated page, which has a perforated line that runs 110mm from the bottom of the page. This creative feature enables the reader to remove and tear out advertising or promotional copy.

The perforated page is versatile in that it can be used within the newspaper, or as a pre-print and inserted.

Creative design should signpost the reader to “tear here”.

To discuss your requirements, call us on 0345 307 3276 or email

The perforated page is available on products from 8 pages to 96 pages. Please contact us if your requirements exceed 96 pages.

The perforation will run across double pages – so the front and back halves of the book are both perforated.

Paginations of over 48 will have a second perforation appear within the book. This does not necessarily need to be used as a tear-out, but will require careful page planning.

It is printed on the run and is available on all newsprint paper from 42.5 gsm – 60 gsm.

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