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Promotional Ribbon/Voucher

  • Promotional Voucher
  • Promotional Voucher

Create additional stand-out and impact for your product by using the promotional voucher ribbon.

This can be used as an innovative promotional or advertising feature within the newsprint product and allows for commercial creativity.

Voucher ribbons are printed strips of newsprint which overlay the bottom of a tabloid page (110mm high), appearing between two pages of tabloid newsprint. Great for driving business, they enable data capture and a measure of response.

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Typically, the voucher ribbon will appear in between pages 2 and 3 and the corresponding pages at the back of the book, depending on the pagination of your product.

On higher paginations of 48+ pages, a second voucher ribbon will be present within the product.

The voucher ribbon is available on many but not all paginations.

Please contact us to discuss what is available to you.

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