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At Trinity Mirror Printing, we have a wealth of experience in printing magazine-style products.

To give your product more of a magazine feel, we can offer covers with the higher grammages of 60gsm and 70gsm, and also source glossy covers. The completed product will be stitched (stapled). You may also wish to print and insert your high-grammage/glossy cover product into your main print product.

Our current magazine print portfolio includes business-to-business magazines with gloss covers, high street retailers, local sports newsletters and puzzle books.

To discuss your requirements, call us on 0345 307 3276 or emailĀ

  • Various finished product sizes, ranging from 340mm x 265mm down to 255mm x 168mm
  • Range of paper grammages: 40gsm, 42.5gsm, 45gsm, 48.8gsm, 52gsm standard, 52gsm improved, 54gsm matt, 55gsm, 60gsm and 70gsm
  • Stitch (staple) options are available or, alternatively, allow us to spine-glue your product
  • Glossy or high-grammage covers are available – please contact us for details

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