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Translucent Wrap

  • Translucent Wrap

The Translucent Wrap provides the ultimate stand out, and with the appropriate creative design, really gives a high-end commercial edge that others will be talking about.

Translucent paper can be used to wrap the outer of a newsprint product or within it to overlay promotional or advertising inner pages. It can be used in tabloid products on the run or pre-printed and inserted, subject to prior agreement.

To discuss your requirements, call us on 0345 307 3276 or emailĀ

There will be one translucent wrap (4 pages of translucent paper) in products of 48 pages or less.

In products above 48 pages, a second translucent wrap will be included within the book, giving a total of 8 translucent pages. With careful planning this can enable translucent pages to overlay full page advertising, maximising commercial opportunity. Page falls of translucent pages will be confirmed on print booking.

Translucent paper can be offered on many but not all paginations, so contact us to discuss your needs and options available.

Translucent paper has a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

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